AvaCare’s Family

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Our Family Values

Family is at the core of what we do. As dads, we want the best for our families and we really care for children’s health, reason why we have created fun characters based around the AvaCare family story.

Meet the AvaCare family characters in the packaging of our products!

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Skedaddle is an energetic and clever young boy who loves playing multiple sports, especially skateboarding and swimming. He is quick, strong and can hold himself up with a finger thanks to his high bone strength!

He enjoys increasing his brain power learning new things and his imagination is beyond belief. His dream is to travel to the moon and has been planning to do it for a long time.

Immunity and sleep ability are not his better strengths. However, he is very active and eats many fruits & vegetables, which is why he has 90 points on these abilities.

Baby Boo Trump card gameimage

Baby Boo

Baby Boo is Skedaddle’s sibling and energy is their stronger skill. Although their growing teeth make it difficult to sleep as much as his parents would like, their immunity, brain power, bone strength and heart force are getting better day after day.

This baby is a star at spelling complicated words in alphabet blocks and loves spending time playing with their toys.

Daddy Trump card image


Dad – Known for being very strong, he has been raising his children with fun and love. Despite his energy has decreased over the years, his immunity power and heart force still high. His passion is surfing and cooking healthy recipes.

Having to deal with everything at home, work and Baby Boo’ growing teeth has reduced his sleep ability but still having a good brain power that allows him to manage everything.