Never tested on animals

AvaCare products will
never be tested on animals

Since the very beginning, we have made clear to our manufacturers and distributors that all our products will never be tested on animals.

This also extends to not using any animal-derived ingredients in our products.

All products must be suitable for vegans.

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Quality control

testing using
animal friendly methods

Our suppliers carry extensive testing in our products to ensure they are safe and efficient. Employing high standards product testing all through the development and manufacturing processes, they use chemical, microbial, toxin, pesticide and mycotoxin testing to guarantee the products are up to standard.

On every batch manufactured, the product’s safety is tested as part of the manufacturing process.

Our suppliers are also committed to only source ingredients from third party suppliers who are suitable for AvaCare’s requirements. If we ever found that any of our ingredients did not comply with our standards, we would find an alternative supplier, alter our formulation to make it compliant or if not, remove the product from our range entirely.