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Below you can find some of the most commonly asked questions to aid you with information about AvaCare’s products.

Taking Avacare’s Products

How do I take AvaCare?

We have included a dosage section on each of our product boxes, this will tell you the correct dose to take according to the age of who will be taking it. We have also included a syringe, spoon, or cup to make it easier to have and measure dosage. Follow the directions for use in the product’s box. You can also see the AvaCare ‘How to Use’ instructions online within each product description at the base of the page. You can navigate there from our AvaCare Products section on our website.

When should I take AvaCare?

You can enjoy AvaCare at any time. However, we recommend you include them as part of your breakfast, bathroom or perhaps a work routine, so you don’t forget to take them. We also recommend in the morning, lunchtime or latest as part of your evening meal, so your body can absorb all the nutrients during the day and avoid nights when digestion slows.

Can I have more than one of the AvaCare products at the same time?

Yes, you can combine more than one product according to your goals. However, we strongly recommend you seek advice from a healthcare professional, a Nutritionist, pharmacist or Doctor. Some of our products taken together will exceed the Recommended Daily Allowances. For example, taking our D3 & K2, with our Omega 3 and our Multi-Vitamin could provide you with 7 times the daily Recommended Daily Allowance. Although not necessarily harmful, we advise you consult with your healthcare practitioner.

Can I mix AvaCare with other liquids?

Yes, you can take them from the serving or mix them with water or juice. We would recommend our Omega 3 range to be taken with food or drink to maximize its absorption in the body. In particular, taking Omega 3 with a good source of fat can increase the bioavailability of omega-3 fatty acids and enhance their effectiveness.

How to get the most out of your AvaCare product

When taking one of AvaCare’s spray products, make sure you spray in the inside cheek or under the tongue to reduce any irritation and potential coughing. This will also increase absorption.

How many servings can I take per day?

All our products are designed for your convenience, so in only one serving per day. You may need multiple sprays though on some of our products.

Are AvaCare products suitable for a pregnant or breast-feeding woman?

Our vitamin ingredients are sourced from the best manufacturers, containing essential vitamins required by the body. However, you should discuss any supplements you are planning to take with a healthcare practitioner before doing so.

Where to Buy

Where can I buy AvaCare?

You can find a list of retailers who sell our products in the Where to Buy section of our website. On the product page, you can find a logo of the stockist who can sell the product you are seen next to ‘Shop Now’. Just click on the logo you wish to be redirected to their website. They also offer their products in their physical stores. If you can’t find the product you are looking for, contact us and we will make sure you can place an order.

I have a problem with an order I made from one of your stockists, what can I do?

You will need to contact the retailer directly where you bought your AvaCare products. They will be happy to help you and find the best resolution for you. However, we are always happy to help you and you can contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.


Do I need to keep AvaCare in the fridge?

The AvaCare products can be stored outside the fridge. However, some of them such as the Child Multi-vitamin & Minerals + Omega 3 Liquid or the Baby Multi-vitamin Drops taste better when they are chilled – we know this because our children have told us.

What is the shelf life?

You can find the Best Before End (BBE) date in the base of the box/bottle and tube of our product, meaning our packaging has been designed to keep the product in prime condition until you are ready to start using it. We recommend you to finish the product in less than 3 months once opened.


Are AvaCare products suitable for Vegans?

Absolutely. All our products are Vegan. If you want to know more, have a look at our page in the footer where we give you more information about why we are Vegan.

Do you use preservatives in your products?

To ensure you receive the products in the best condition preserving all the nutrients we use a small amount of preservatives in our products. However, we choose the type and quantity very carefully to minimise them in our products. Some preservatives are banned for use in AvaCare products, check out Our Promise page for more information.

Do you use natural flavourings?

Yes. We use a small amount of flavourings in our products and all come from natural oils or fruit concentrates. This way we know you will like them, there’s nothing worse than a terrible tasting product!

Are your products GMO free?

Yes. The ingredients used in the AvaCare products are all non-GMO.


Are your products recyclable?

56% of our products are 100% recyclable  |  33% of our products are 97% recyclable  |  11% of our products are 67% recyclable. We are working hard to improve these statistics. Even in today’s World it is one of our biggest challenges and this constantly plays on our minds.

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