Vitamins for Babies Immunity

Nutritional supplements for baby immunity are important because they can help support a child's developing immune system

Wednesday 3rd January 2024

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Vitamins for Babies Immunity

Nutritional supplements for baby immunity are important because they can help support a child’s developing immune system, especially in certain situations or conditions where a child might be at risk of nutrient deficiencies.

Mothers pass on antibodies to their unborn babies during the last three months of pregnancy via the placenta. This type of immunity is referred to as passive immunity and usually starts to decrease after a few months after birth. Breast milk is a great source of antibodies, breastfed babies will benefit from this support. As this is not always possible, baby milk formulas are generally fortified with added vitamins and minerals that can provide the required nutrients for immunity.

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Why nutritional supplements?

Nutritional supplements for babies can be very helpful in providing immune support, especially during autumn and winter. This is usually the time when babies are exposed to colds and coughs from older siblings or other children at nursery.

Here are a few reasons why nutritional supplements might help support immunity in babies and toddlers.

  • Incomplete Breastfeeding or Formula Feeding: While breast milk is the best source of nutrition for infants, in some cases, mothers might not be able to breastfeed, or the baby might not be getting enough breast milk. In such situations, supplements can provide essential nutrients that might be lacking in formula or other feeding alternatives.
  • Nutrient Deficiencies: Babies born prematurely or with certain health conditions might have nutrient deficiencies that affect their immune system. Supplements, under the guidance of a healthcare provider, can help address these deficiencies and support immune function.
  • Weaning to Solid Foods: As babies transition from a milk-based diet to solid foods, they might not immediately get all the necessary nutrients from their diet. Additional nutritional supplements can help provide essential vitamins and minerals that may be lacking during this time.
  • Vitamin D Deficiency: Vitamin D is important for bone health and immune function. Breast milk might not provide enough vitamin D, and babies who are exclusively breastfed, especially in regions with limited sunlight, might need vitamin D supplements.
  • Special Diets or Allergies: Babies with certain allergies or intolerances might be on restricted diets, which can sometimes lead to nutritional gaps. Supplements can help ensure they receive essential nutrients for proper immune system development.
  • Reoccurring colds: Once a child starts nursery, unfortunately, one of the regular occurrences is the dreaded cold or cough, which can sometimes be a regular event. This is mainly because children are exposed to a wide range of bugs that they haven’t previously been exposed to. As annoying as this is, it does help to develop the child’s immune system. One way for parents to help support their child’s immune system is to give a supplement that contains vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc, and vitamin B6. These key nutrients help to support the immune system and can help to prevent regular coughs and colds.

AvaCare’s Baby Multi Vitamin Drops have been designed to provide an optimum balance of essential Vitamins, including Vitamin’s A for vision, B for energy release, & D for bone growth.

Nutritional supplements should not be a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet. A nutritious diet, proper hygiene, and regular medical check-ups are essential components of maintaining a baby’s overall health and immunity.



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