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Monday 15th November 2021

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AvaCare’s Vitamin K2 Spray is a unique best-in-market product backed by clinical trials.  Clinical studies show that Vitamin K2 is an under-consumed nutrient that is very difficult to obtain from diet alone.  AvaCare’s products offer a perfect combination with Vitamin D3 as well as a product on its own, to support bone and circulatory health, for your family.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 was relatively unknown up until a couple of years ago but has recently been given more attention due to its impressive benefits and scientific research, conducted by NattoPharma.

The only scientifically researched K2

AvaCare only uses NattoPharma’s MenaQ7®, the actual source material for more than 20 published human clinical trials confirming the health benefits of Vitamin K2 as MK-7, and the only scientifically researched K2 available proven to be absolutely safe and effective for both child and adults.

AvaCare’s K2

AvaCare launched its K2 spray in September 2020 to provide support in maintaining normal bone health and contributes to normal blood coagulation. The uniqueness of AvaCare’s K2 range begins with its liquid form, meaning it’s highly absorbable, and its age-specific doses, which are based on scientific research:

  • For adults, research confirms doses as low as 45 mcg/day can positively impact bone and cardiovascular health in adults, but the most dramatic results were seen with 180 mcg/day [ref. 1,2]. AvaCare’s Adult K2 has 180mcg per dose.
  • For children, the clinically proven dose for children is 45-50 mcg/day. A 2009 study of healthy children aged 6-10 years who took 45 mcg of K2 a day resulted in more active Osteocalcin, leading to stronger, denser bones [3]. And a 2013 study of children and teens given K2 and vitamin D daily showed improvements in bone mineral density [4]. AvaCare’s doses for 9-12 year olds is 45mcg, whilst the other age brackets are in line with the EU’s NRV’s for Vitamin K1 (the NRV specifically for vitamin K2 has not been established yet).

AvaCare predicts that, “in a few years any serious Vitamin D product will also contain Vitamin K2, its perfect and natural partner. This partnership also comes from the K2’s ability to aid the transport of calcium away from the arteries and deposit it into the bones, where it is really needed. Thereby promoting the un-clotting of the arteries whilst supporting bone density.”

AvaCare’s product range is 100% Vegan with each product registered with the Vegan Society. The amber bottle and packaging for AvaCare’s K2 range is 100% recyclable.






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