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All of our products must deliver on quality, both scientifically and ethically. As parents we want the best for our families. Every one of our products we create have to work and if we wouldn’t take it ourselves.

Unlocking the Power of Vitamin K2 for Healthy Teeth and Bones

At Avacare, we understand the importance of holistic wellness, and that's why we're passionate about sharing the incredible power of Vitamin K2 for bone health and dental care. For strong bones and a ...

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Who Should Avoid Vitamin D3 and K2 Supplements?

Here at Avacare, we frequently receive enquiries about the suitability of vitamin D3 and K2 and who should not take this supplement. While we can't provide individual medical advice, we thought it ...

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AvaCare Vitamin K2 Spray

  AvaCare’s Vitamin K2 Spray is a unique best-in-market product backed by clinical trials.  Clinical studies show that Vitamin K2 is an under-consumed nutrient that is very difficult to ...

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