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All of our products must deliver on quality, both scientifically and ethically. As parents we want the best for our families. Every one of our products we create have to work and if we wouldn’t take it ourselves.

Why vitamins D3 and K2 work so well together

Both vitamins D3 and K2 are fat-soluble vitamins, meaning that these vitamins are absorbed and transported by the body in a similar way to fats. One of the roles of these two vitamins is to support ...

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Vegan vs Non-Vegan supplements – The unspoken myth

  Vegan alternative food products are sometimes criticised in the media by different professionals in the sector[1] and sometimes are considered worse than non-vegan. However, vegan diets and ...

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AvaCare awards Vitakids exclusive distributorship in Singapore

  It is with great pleasure AvaCare can announce we have awarded Vitakids exclusive distributorship of AvaCare products. VitaKids has 9 specialist stores for family health and nutrition ...

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AvaCare Vitamin K2 Spray

  AvaCare’s Vitamin K2 Spray is a unique best-in-market product backed by clinical trials.  Clinical studies show that Vitamin K2 is an under-consumed nutrient that is very difficult to ...

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What vitamins should I take?

  Taking the right vitamins is important. The food supplement market is plenty of options and we know you have asked yourself many times “what vitamins I should take?”’. This article ...

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