AvaCare’s Timeline

Beginnings are exciting moments
of hope, hard work and joy.

Our story didn’t start a long time ago, but it was in a moment when we wanted to find the best solutions for our families and provide them to everyone that cares about their family’s health as much as we do.

Explore on this page how everything started, and how we continue to pursue our passion over the years.

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  • AvaCare was founded when three passionate dads combined their expertise as pharmacists and nutritionists with their love for their families. The resulting vitamins and mineral products are designed with our family, and yours, in mind.
  • Khilan – already has two young children aged 5 and a 7.
  • JuneRahul’s family starts to expand further with their first child
  • NovemberRelton’s family starts to expand further with their first child
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  • The First Product was born
    Two directors worked in a business that supplied a poor-quality Vitamin C product. AvaCare was born, and created a best-in-market product that they would use, for the same price….the AvaCare brand was launched in earnest.
Vitamin C Effervescent


  • May – First Delivery of Baby Multi-Vitamins Drops
    The new product created especially for babies (4 to 18 months) was born. Two of the directors had recently had newborns.
  • R&D Child Multi-Vitamin & Minerals + Omega 3 Syrup started
    First-of-its-kind! Challenges arose when the only ingredient that could get the multi-vitamins to stabalise with the oil-based Omega 3 from fish oil was Polysorbat-80. Polysorbat-80 is banned in AvaCare products, because the directors would not give it to their own children….back to the drawing board.
Baby Multi-vitamin drops old version


  • Relton’s family expands again with the birth of their second child.
  • Sleepless nights, Joy and a lot of R&D.


  • April – Baby Multi-Vitamins Drops wins Natural & Organic Product Award
    AvaCare’s Baby Multi-vitamin Drops reaches the final for Best New Supplement at the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2019.
  • May – D3+K2 R&D begins
    K2 becomes more mainstream and affordable due to successful clinical trials. AvaCare predicts all quality D3 products will only exist in partnership with K2 due to their unique synergy.
  • Rahul’s family expands again with the birth of their second child AvaCare’s Core proposition refined
    1. A product must be good enough to give to their own families
    2. Best-in-Market products that work
    3. Sustainability conscious: Sustainability conscious means to AvaCare producing products that are: Vegan, ideally manufactured in the UK and in the most sustainable packaging we can get whilst maintaining accessible products that work.
  • August – Full Steam ahead
    Up until now AvaCare was ran on passion rather than a full-time commitment. With the amount of R&D and growing potential for the AvaCare brand, the business takes on its first employee.
  • Child Multi-Vitamin & Minerals + Omega 3 reborn
    AvaCare finds an Algae Omega-3 option, which competes nutritionally with non-vegan fish oil alternatives, and improves the viscosity of the product. Another Best-in-Market product is finally born
AvaCare - Natural and Organic Awards - Europe 2019 finalist for Baby Multi-Vitamin Drops


  • Meet the AvaCare Family – amplifying the family feel
  • Meet the family…1st up Skedaddle a young active boy2nd brings us Baby BooSo…who’s next…watch this space!
  • COVID-19
    The COVID curveball was and currently still is surreal. AvaCare donated 5,000 masks to the NHS, Herts Fire & Rescue, Care Homes and Funeral Service providers. Our Vitamin C Effervescent sold out and AvaCare’s Immunity C was born. It was quicker to develop a whole new product than arrange delivery of our Vitamin C Effervescent due to massive demands for Immunity products!
  • May – Vitamin D3 & K2 for children and adults delivered
    Vitamin D has always been recommended to boost immunity by the Department of Health and the NHS subscribe it to help boost vulnerable individuals in the fight against COVID. K2 also helps strengthen the bones and supports blood coagulation and works in perfect synergy with Vitamin D.
  • September – Omega 3 for Children and Adults arrives
    AvaCare’s Omega 3 Super Plant Strength hits the warehouse, both with added Vitamin D. Vitamin D has now become a solution recognised by the NHS to help boost your immunity against COVID.September also sees AvaCare’s new and improved Baby Multi-vitamin with Zinc Drops formulation come back with the introduction of Baby Boo


  • The re-launch of the AvaCare website to better curate our story…
    we hope you like it.
  • New Product Development
    We have a continuous line of products under R&D with some amazing formulations in the way.
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