Our Mission

we believe that every person must have
access to the supplements they need

to live a healthy life
AvaCare Story - our family picture
AvaCare Story - our family picture
AvaCare Story - our family picture

Our Values

AvaCare was founded when three passionate dads combined their expertise as pharmacists and nutritionists with their love for their families. The resulting vitamins and mineral products are designed with our family, and yours, in mind.


AvaCare products must pass our AvaCare Promise - Are we willing to give these products to our own families? The answer must always be yes. All of our products must deliver on quality, both scientifically and ethically.


AvaCare believes that every person deserves access to high quality supplements - that’s why we promote initiatives to provide access to vitamins and minerals for all.


We cannot provide healthier lives at the cost of our planet. AvaCare’s vitamins and minerals are always sourced ethically, and where possible environmentally friendly and manufactured locally in the UK.

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