AvaCare Corporate Responsibility

“We believe that every person must have access
to the supplements they need to live a healthy life”.

At AvaCare, people and the world are at the heart of what we do. Family is key driver for us. Family can mean just you and your pet, a huge extended family, or you are part of the AvaCare family.

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We are actively looking to partner with a charity dedicated to providing every person with access to good food, water and nutrition.

not animal testing

Animal testing

We never test on animals. It is also written into all our distribution and manufacturing contracts that animal testing is banned. We will not endorse anyone to conduct animal testing.

Recyclable & Sustainable Packaging

We are striving to do business in a more enlighted way and take responsibility for what we produce and how we produce it. Not only do we believe in recyclability but we are also striving for 100% sustainable.

Our Baby Multi-Vitamin Drops are 100% recyclable, the gold tin cap is arguably not the most aesthetically pleasing on the eye, but it is the most recyclable option.

56% of our products are 100% recyclable  |  33% of our products are 97% recyclable  |  11% of our products are 67% recyclable

If you have a sustainable, biodegradable or compostable packaging option you feel we may be interested in we would really like to hear from you! We are not happy with the solutions we currently have in place as we do not feel they go far enough in the battle against Climate Change.

AvaCare PPE donation Covid 19

Covid – 19

When COVID hit we sold out of our Immunity products, so we used our contacts to source PPE. We donated over 5,000 masks to front line staff (in partnership with Where Markets Meet) in Herts Fire & Rescue, The NHS, Care Homes and Funeral Services within our local community.

AvaCare Donation image

Food Banks

AvaCare’s delivered products to numerous food banks around the country such as 1,800 Baby Multi-Vitamin Drops to Baby-Basics UK to support new mothers and families who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby.

It is particularly poignient with COVID, AvaCare has supplied Church on the Street Ministries with Vitamin C supplements (that are known to boost Immunity), supporting the less fortunate who need to visit Foodbanks. AvaCare wants you to know, ‘you are not forgotten’.